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Why Work Here?

At Matthews Motors, we don’t want to just offer you a job. We want to offer you a career complete with paths to move up in the company and opportunities to learn new things, so you can improve yourself while working in a positive environment. Any job at Matthews Motors comes with healthcare benefits, 401(k) matching, and paid vacations. To top it all off, jobs come with a promise that if you work hard and do your job well, we will always find a way to help you succeed.


401k Matching
Paid Time Off
Wellness Programs

Paid Training Programs
Tool Programs
Paid Uniforms
Financial Management Training
Opportunities for Growth

From Our Employees

“Coming on board has been a pleasant experience with a great crew and management that has shown an appreciation for the experience and industry skills I have. The team is not afraid to think outside the box to make the work flow better. When you see the general manager grab a mop and go to work it’s because it just needs to be done. You know you are in a place where you will never hear ‘It’s not my job’.”

“I began my journey with Fleetcare in 2005 as a parts counter person, and about two years later became the parts manager. Our company may not be the biggest around, but we are growing. We offer great benefits, and try our best to provide a safe and ethical work environment. All of our managers, including myself, are hands-on people, not hidden away in offices. Another plus is that I have never had to miss anything at the school for my child, because my bosses understand how important it is to be active in our children’s education. We are truly family here.”

“Great place to work. It’s always busy but everyone is willing to help whenever you need it. Has training available. Fast pace atmosphere that makes the day go by fast.”

“We truly are family here”

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